History of Storm Computers

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By implementation of the latest global solutions and their adaptation to specific situations and needs, company was in a short time developed into one of the most important partners in the implementation of complex IT solutions on the market. During the last decade of business, company is constantly improving and developing solutions in the field of telecommunications, security solutions and storage technologies. Although the company has a number of significant projects in the international field, within Storm Grupa it has done more than 1.500 projects, mostly on the Croatian territory and neighboring countries. By its focus on innovation and many years of experience in development of solutions according to specific customer needs, resulted with the creation of innovative solution - Hospital Cube. Project potential and innovation capacity has been recognized and awarded at European level.

Company stepped into promising world of Cloud technology and service with the development of its own data center. DataBox data center is currently one of the leading providers of cloud solutions in Croatia, with an emphasis on the further development of services and specially services for the SOHO market segment.

1988. Zagreb

"The beginnings of computerization", as most IT companies of that period, the company began its operation as a craft workshop for assembling and selling computers and selling of software and services.


Opening of a branch office in Slavonski Brod.

Business expansion leads to the establishment of network department.


Company starts developing software solutions for SMB companies.

1996. - 1999.

Establishment of strategic partnerships (Microsoft, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, IBM).


Company begins with development and implementation of key telecommunications and videoconferencing technology.


Further development and implementation of technology for security solutions of IT system access control and data storage.


Separation of passive network department into a separate company - Supra Net

2005. - 2010.

Strengthening the strategic partnerships and achieving key Gold specializations.

The implementation of ISO standards in business operations.

With goals in business internationalization, company became one of the member companies within Storm Group


Development of open source ERP system.


Development of Cloud services and technologies.


Newly opened "Carrier - neutral" data center - DataBox.


Development of innovative solution Hospital Cube.

National Champion award as part of the European Business Awards 2015/2016.