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Company STORM Computers is one of the pioneers in Cloud technologies in Croatia. After years of experience in implementing and maintaining computer networks and infrastructure of some of the leading...

Self-service interactive devices

Application solutions

Smart classroom

Project Schools 2.0 (Škole 2.0) began its work in early 2012., following a successful CARNet project e-Otoci. It is educational project that will offer an appropriate educational and technological framework, using the advanced information and communication technologies according to the specific needs of each selected school.

Project Schools 2.0 (Škole 2.0) is the backbone of e-education in Croatia, a large step towards the future of education. E-education allows teachers to perform the educational process with the use of multimedia and Internet for the purpose of improving the quality of learning. The aim of project is to connect as many schools on fast Internet connection and with the help of new technology provide better education and a better relationship with each other school.

The educational objectives are defined by Croatian Government in accordance with the national strategy for education and in accordance with the Croatian National Education Standard (HNOS):

  • Improving the quality of education in schools located in rural areas
  • To isolated schools with a lack of equipment enable education according to national standards via appropriate information and communication technologies
  • Educational trainings for teachers about the usage of information and communication technologies and innovative tools and methods
  • Enrolment of stakeholders of educational process into the e-community

In accordance to prepare teachers for online classes it was necessary to educate some number of teacher via e-Learning academy and thus ensure that they become independent creators of online classes at their school. Furthermore, educational technology models (ETM) were made in collaboration with external partners - teachers, who have already implemented the technology in their classes and have some practical experience and feedback from schools. The aim is to provide teachers better mutual communication through specific tasks which they cooperate on; to share their experience, get information about the project as well as all the necessary materials.

System consist of:

  • Devices and infrastructure; wireless network infrastructure and devices used to access the system (tablet PC, laptop, interactive whiteboard, server, monitor, video projection and video conferencing equipment)
  • Software solution through which teachers can manage interactive whiteboard and classroom content and have ability to create learning content and to share it with other teachers. It is a software solution that apart from just monitoring students' activities on computers, enables teachers to engage students and to track their progress using the smart, digital applications for learning. Teachers can create interactive lesson plans, run a quiz or survey, use the functionalities of auto-evaluation and monitoring of students results in order to get reports about the success of each individual student.
  • Additional equipment for these devices (keyboard for tablet PC, the monitor module (PC), touchscreen that with a monitor makes interactive whiteboard, system for simultaneous charging of a large number of tablet PCs)
  • Mobile device management software
  • Learning materials and education

System provides:

  1. To teachers:
    • Supervision of student activities and progress
    • Creation of interactive teaching plans with shared content
    • Creation of quizzes, tests or surveys in real-time and simultaneous access to students grades
    • Efficient administration
    • Environment of cooperation
  2. To students:
    • Creativity, collaboration and use of critical thinking skills
    • Easy access to learning materials, quizzes and presentations
    • Contact with teacher without disturbing other students in the class
  3. To IT admins:
    • Remote access for monitoring and login to classroom computers
    • Installation and management of security policies
    • Easy support for teachers

Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) is a growing trend in education; besides school devices, students are able to bring their own devices. System is compatible with both the existing school infrastructure and the devices that students bring from home. Devices will work with each other regardless of is it a Windows, iOS or Android operating system. Regarding this project STORM Computers has implemented network in several schools across Croatia. In these schools all classrooms and halls are covered by the wireless network to allow smooth use of this system. Also, company participates in setting and designing the solution and in implementation and education of teacher and schools IT admins. This confirms our objective of raising digital competence by investing in the development of digitalization and linking the schools into a comprehensive network of permanent cooperation and information flow - creating a new dimension of education for all.

STORM demo classroom

We are able to provide you with the concept of smart classroom through interactive learning experience. Classroom is located on company's premises in Zagreb, but if necessary it is possible to organize a demonstration event on different locations.

Application solutions

Classroom Manager

Today's trends require increasing use of technology in teaching but also the ability to manage both student’s single devices and the content itself.

Classroom Manager provides teachers with more efficiency in transfer of knowledge by using technology. Solution contains a number of tools and features that have been developed in cooperation with teachers with the aim to simplify use and provide the best possible integration into classes. Teachers and their assistants can manage students devices and guide them through the course content from one place e.g. from their control device. It can also help students to stay focused on the lecture with the help of a series of features such as: control of students screens, control of application usage, Internet websites, printing and other functionalities. To provide help in understanding the content, teachers and students can create a students journal in digital form and use a range of tools for targeted student testing such as quiz, student surveys, questions and answers and others.

Additionally, Classroom Manager offers the possibility in using separate applications for technicians and administrators, which provides an overview and management of all devices within the school and usage of additional applications for support in the classroom that can be used by assistants inside the classroom for better and more detailed monitoring over the work of students.

Frequently the schools combine various mixed environments in which there are desktops, laptops and tablets, making it difficult to create the lecture curriculum, its content and to use the equipment during lesson. In addition to these challenges, students bring their own devices that could be used or which they want to use for content monitoring, which creates additional problems. Classroom Manager is a unique and centralized solution for all major platforms - operating systems (Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Linux, Chrome OS and Kindle).

Classroom Manager is made on the functionalities that help to build and sustain best practices/ways to transfer knowledge to students. This solution is unique because it combines students Digital Journal together with the functionalities of "Q&A" for quick and effective testing and evaluation of students.

Questions and Answers (Q&A) module

Funkcionalnost „Pitanja i odgovori“ je namjenski kolaboracijski alat koji nastavnicima omogućava davanje naglaska na ključne točke predavanja kao i mjerenje i ocjenu razumijevanja nastavnog sadržaja učenika još tijekom samog predavanja.

Functionality of "Questions and Answers" is dedicated collaborative tool that enables teachers to give emphasis on the key points of the lectures as well as the measurement and assessment of students understanding of content even during the lectures. Solution provides best practice for continuous knowledge assessment, allowing teachers to verbally ask questions to students in order to test the understanding of lessons, including the new ways of testing (e.g. "Basketball questioning") and providing „awards“ to individuals and, if necessary for groups of students.

Testing methods can be as follows:

  • First to Answer:
  • After questioning the students, teacher defines the response time. After the expiry of the time, students who know the answers can answer via the application on their devices while the teachers on their device follow the order of registrations. The teacher then selects the fastest answer and questions particular student. The answer can be immediately assessed as correct or incorrect. If necessary, question can be forwarded to another registered student. After giving correct answer, student or students may be awarded with a star or previously earned star can be taken away.

  • Enter the answer:
  • Teacher through the classroom management system puts an answer to the question that he/she will ask. After sending the questions, students on their devices can enter the response/answer. The correctness of the response is provided in real time on teacher’s device. The student or students may be awarded with a star or previously earned star can be taken away.

  • Random selection:
  • The system randomly selects students; whom teacher can ask the question.

  • Peer Assessment:
  • Students are grouped to proceed the teamwork as well as team competition for the award – a star. Members of the group can be randomly selected or students have the option of signing in the group by itself. Each student puts his answer to the question and the winner is the group that has the most correct answers as can be seen in real time on teacher's device.

  • Evaluation of other colleagues:
  • Students are encouraged to give their views on the response that was given by other colleagues. That is done by selecting the correct or incorrect answer on their device. Teacher see the results in real time.

  • Digital Journal:
  • During the course all the relevant documents related to the subject can be saved and stored in .PDF format. This provides the availability of lesson materials to all students as well as the ability to share it with those who are not present in classroom. Digital Journal allows teachers to store the following activities, which are available for the use to teachers and students during the lesson.

    • Details and objectives of lesson content
    • Teachers notes, as well as students notes
    • Presentations, lesson content, assignments and papers/documents done during the lecture
    • The results of the survey
    • Screenshots from whiteboard
    • The results of the examinations
    • Internet websites used during lecture
    • Copies of conversations/chats in digital format

    Digital Journal simplifies teachers work including:

    • Icon on the toolbar "Tutor Toolbar" for insight into the Digital Journal usage status
    • Appendix of chapters in Digital Journal
    • Inclusion of Students Register within Digital Journal
    • Creation of bookmarks on the basis of teachers chapters
    • Digital Journal synchronization, if a student fails to receive a particular item the same can be inserted in the correct section of the teachers Journal
    • Adjustment/Branding with school's identity (logo, ...)
  • Student surveys:
  • Simple student survey provides a fast and reliable method of knowledge examination regarding the lesson content. Surveys can be created by using existing templates or pre-defined questions and answers which provides fast examination and instant access to all responses and a summary/report for the whole class. According to the results it is possible to create groups of students. Likewise, the results of the survey can be presented to the whole class.

  • Student knowledge tests and quizzes:
  • Creation of knowledge tests allows you to create questions and answers that can include text, images, audio and video. Questions are stored in a database that is subsequently possible to share. Questions or answers can be designed in different ways. There are eight different styles; of questions with the possibility of selecting one or more correct answers, questions with the possibility of pairing answers, questions with the possibility of single and multiple correct or incorrect answers to the questions with possibility of giving answers in the correct order. While creating, teacher can set the limits for a particular grade (e.g. over 75% = excellent). Students progress and success is visible in real time on teacher's device. Knowledge tests start and end at the same time so that all students have the same time to solve it. At the end of the examination, teacher can show individual test results to each student and, if necessary can display the correct answers that students understand where they made a mistake and also to determine that part of the lesson.

Application solutions

Selling and Billing

Self-service device for automation of selling and billing process

Storm Computers self-service systems are the unique solution on domestic market, which on the one hand save time and resources while performing a simple process and increase the business productivity. High efficiency of devices guarantee a multiple return on investment, allowing users to focus on other aspects of the business. With possibility to customize according to the internal processes of the company (regardless of sector or field of operations), these devices are positioned in the top offer of new solutions and they represent one of the major trends in the service industry. The main function of self-service device is automation of selling and billing process in stores. However, what separates this device from its competitors is the ability to upgrade equipment with new functional solutions according to the needs of the customers. Also, one of the important characteristic of this device is the speed of execution in transaction process - the average time of collection or sale of simple services (such as a ticket) is about half a minute, which significantly reduces common mode procedure. This self-service device also provides an automatic monitoring of all activities, which is of great importance for the types of services that include financial transactions. Device also reduce the need for the human factor, which saves resources and helps to redirect employees on other business segments.

Application solutions



Is a solution for procurement that automates the process and reduces the costs of procurement.


  • Simplify communication with suppliers.
  • Design and conduct your auction/procurement.
  • Request for Quotes (RfQ).
  • Control and administer your supplier base from a single place.
  • Get notifications and reminders.
  • Assure procurement delivarbles’quality.
  • Generate analytical data.
Cloud solutions


Company STORM Computers is one of the pioneers in Cloud technologies in Croatia. After years of experience in implementing and maintaining computer networks and infrastructure of some of the leading companies, banks and telecom operators in the country, company has set to determine the development of Cloud technology and starting from 2013., company has developed its own data center. Capacity of STORM data center is 60 communication cabinets and is based on redundant power systems, cooling system, uninterruptible power supply and generator. What distinguishes STORM data center from similar service providers in the cloud computing technology is primarily the knowledge and experience as a large system integrator, providing small and medium-sized businesses get the rental solutions that have so far been reserved exclusively for large companies, as that kind of services and availability required very large amount of investment in equipment and experts. STORM data center offers a wide range of Cloud solutions and services, from the rental of administered virtual server infrastructure, solutions for secure data backup, disaster recovery solutions, desktop-as-a-service solutions to hybrid Cloud model solutions, which is considered to become the most widespread delivery form of service within Cloud technology. Also, company is able to offer rental software solution, such as business information systems or document management solutions. In addition to the STORM infrastructure rental offer, company offers design, implementation and maintenance of data centers to companies that want to maintain their own infrastructure. Thanks to the experience gained during the construction and maintenance of own data center, our customers are able to obtain expertise that covers all phases of construction and production and with optimization which provides savings with high availability of business systems.

Cisco Energy Management Cloud Cisco Meraki Managed Cisco Umbrella Cisco WebEx Cloud
Self-service interactive devices

Hospital Cube

Hospital Cube - Automated control and management of medication storage and dispensing.

What is Hospital Cube

Presenting a key part of medication use system, Hospital Cube is an intelligent appliance for medication dispensing and storing under controlled conditions. It is a device which has control over the amount of medications in real-time providing synchronization with the existing infrastructure and business information system. Device provides a hermetically sealed environment by providing protection of medications from the influence of external factors but also provides adequate storage to manufacture storage standards. The main feature of the device is its security, both through access control and system of notification and through strict dispensing control which prevents access from unauthorized persons. Protection system represents a timely notification of minimum amounts of medications in the device to authorized persons as well as notification on every device opening and unauthorized movement. Hospital Cube represents an advanced system, as a step towards the standardization and adoption of normative standards in the health sector.

How the idea was born

Idea for development of this type of solution was created through discussion with the healthcare sector and by monitoring ICT trends in healthcare. Through conversation with healthcare sector, we have realized that hospitals have a written policy regarding the safe storage of medications in accordance with the manufacturers instructions as well as handling, safety and availability of medications on the stock. The lack of solutions to problems such as uncontrolled conditions of medication storage and uncontrolled dispensing of medications, inspired us to create our own standardized process of control in dispensing, storage and implementation of a system for notification and monitoring. The phenomenon of automated systems is a growing trend in many industries worldwide. Application of Hospital Cube solution in hospitals, would result in accurate and efficient control in dispensing and handling of medications. It will provide cost savings through the reduction of inventories and consumption, better information management and ultimately better efficiency in the medical service to patients.


  • Not storing medications under proper conditions according to manufacture instructions leads to damaged or expired medications resulting with medication shortages and delayed patient care
  • Unauthorized access, dispensing and manipulation of medications with no real-time stock tracking of medications
  • No proper control and monitoring process
  • Huge amounts of unused medications and hospital supplies with healthcare waste make up the largest part of hospitals’ operating costs


  • Croatian product
  • Dispensing security through finger print identification and access control
  • Quality persistence through hermetically sealed environment
  • ERP synchronization with existing IT infrastructure and business information system
  • Real-time stock tracking with timely notification of minimum quantities
  • Security and protection system with 24/7 monitoring and reporting
  • In-house security system through notification about any unauthorized device manipulation


  1. Hospitals/Medical institutions: Hospital Cube as automated appliance which provides control and management of medication storage and dispensing
  2. Hospitality/Tourism: Hospital Cube as cache pharmacy placed in hotels and accommodation facilities, which provides a continuum of added value for guests offering them immediate in-house solution for purchase of OTC medications
  3. Hot-spot locations: Hospital Cube as self-service standalone mini-pharmacy placed on hot-spot locations for purchase of OTC medications. Also, it can be an effective solution for locations like islands and places far away from big cities with the lack in pharmacy stores
Self-service interactive devices


Platomat is a self-service device designed to automate the billing process.

Basic characteristics

  • The device is made of high reliability components and industrial standards.
  • All system components have high reliability and as a whole provide uninterrupted and secure execution of customer transactions.
  • All devices in the system are controlled through software support through which a permanent check of device availability is made.
  • Branding devices at user's request
  • Payment by cash and/or cards

Platomat has a 2000-note cash repository, a cash repository, 800 reel storage capacity, a payment receipt printer, a bar-code reader, a credit card payment service and a contactless payment. The device's center is a 23 "anti-vandal touch screen monitor.


  • Reduced costs through reduced employee burden, more efficient human resource management, and automation of operational tasks.
  • Customer Satisfaction is reflected in service speed, shortened standby time and availability 24/7/365.
  • Security is guaranteed thanks to a walk-in alarm, central control console, a system that is synchronized with the network and easy integration with the local IT system
  • Efficiency ensures speed and ease of payment execution
  • Easy implementation and management
Self-service interactive devices

Ticket sales device

Self-service ticket sales device

This easy-to-use, self-service user interface device, made of high-reliability components built to industry standards, is designed to automate ticketing / ticket sales processes at 24x7 frequency locations.

Basic characteristics

  • Metal casing in anti-vandal variants
  • Construction made from high quality galvanized sheet electrostatically plasticized with antibacterial paint
  • The design of the case is customizable according to user's wishes and needs
  • Platform for integrated Communication with Customers
  • Payment options via banknotes and coins, with the option of installing credit card or contactless payment


  • Employee relieving
  • Reduced waiting rows
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • The ability to deliver targeted marketing materials and informations
  • Branding device ability according to users' wishes and needs
  • Multilingual platform

Ticket buying process

After touching the screen, the user gets brief instructions on how to use the device. The entire ticket purchase process is realized as a "state-event" process, thus achieving the following:

  • Great transaction security
  • Subsequent ability to analyze and verify data for each individual transaction
  • Possibility of subsequent statistical processing of customer behavior while paying

Each transaction is specifically recorded, with the start and end times, the banknote and coin denominations that entered the device, as well as the denominations that came out of the device. Printing a ticket is done by thermal printing through the printer installed in the machine.

Self-service interactive devices

Digital signage

Digital signage charging station

Digital Signage means providing information intended for a specific target group at a specific location at a specific time. The device works remotely, interactively or non-interactive, over digital screens using relevant content.

Basic characteristics

  • Marketing Content Management Platform
  • Placing a message about products and/or services to a targeted audience
  • Co-branding platform
  • Power for smart devices (mobile, tablet, laptop)
  • Possibility of installation on a wall or freestanding
  • Adaptation to indoor and/or outdoor areas
  • Placing the device on frequencies


Ideal for use at high frequencies:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Sports clubs
  • Educational institutions
  • Shopping Centers
  • Health institutions
  • Bus/railway stations
Business solutions

Business management

Business management software – Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Business system is important for effective planning and business management of every company. Regardless of the size, today every company needs a system for management reporting, support for planning, financial management, accounting, HR monitoring system and payroll, etc. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is one of the leading ERP business management systems for small, medium and large companies and is particularly adapted to our market and Croatian legislation. Our goal is to offer customers a quality business system. A system that will enable them to increase productivity, reduce costs, provide better communication with customers and integration of all enterprise functions into a single unit which is the foundation for ex. high-quality supply chain and e-commerce. The last 15 years, company successfully achieves goals through Microsoft Dynamics NAV business system and own development of additional/add-on solutions. Some of the features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions are: flexibility, reliability, scalability, stability, ease of use, ease of customization and upgrades. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an integrated solution that provides support for all business processes and is specialized in various industrial verticals.

Segments of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

  • Finance and accounting
  • Production
  • Distribution/Procurement
  • Business intelligence and reporting
  • Sales and marketing
  • Human resources
  • Project management
  • Service management
  • System integration with other applications

Microsoft Dynamics NAV2015 – NAV2016

Version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV2015 brought a big technological leap over the previous version. The main feature of this version is the adaptation to devices with a touch screen and the ability to create business reports. With the Dynamics NAV 2016 version, available are: RTC, tablet, mobile and web client. The aim of this version is to provide support for everyday use of already known RTC interface.

WEB client is designed for all those who use business system occasionally and for users who travel frequently, they have ability to use solution as a mobile client. All functionality available in the full RTC client, are now available to users on the web, tablet or mobile client. Web client version NAV2016 brings more than 50 new features and improvements. Customers can change the language of the client, date, region or company. They can also use the search engine through which they can access any page and report in NAV. This version allows a variety of process automation, notification system, approval, creating workflow, sending of notifications through the system or via e-mail.

Today, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is used by more than one million users worldwide. Success of this solution speaks through the following figures:

  • More than 73,000 customers
  • More than 4,000 certified partners
  • More than 2,000 partner add-on solutions
  • More than 40 localized versions
Business solutions

Open ERP/Odoo

About Odoo solution

The growing modernization and faster pace of business require more detailed but also faster and more effective business planning. The large cost of licensing and maintenance of other software solutions has led to the creation of a new application solution based on Open Source architecture. Odoo was founded in 2005. driven by the vision of meeting the customers’ expectations by using open source solutions. It is the enterprise-scale business system designed to increase productivity through the data integration. It provides connectivity and management over all business processes of each company (sales, procurement, inventory management, production, CRM...). Certainly one of the biggest advantages of Odoo is its modularity and width. The project Odoo consist of 400 partners from around the world and over 1.500 individuals who developed a large number of modules which are covering various types of businesses and each of them are interdependent.

Cost efficient because Odoo does not require costly licenses

Security of investments, minimization of possible errors in the application code, a large number of available additional functionalities in addition to standard covered by the basic version, free integration with additional services, localization, safe and quality local support. Odoo provides functionality and integration as often does not exist in other, similar solutions. Implementation of Odoo solution is based on a methodology that guarantees the success of the project and fulfillment of all expectations.

Some of the key segments

  • Procurement management
  • Sales management
  • Warehousing
  • Production management
  • Checkout (Cash)
  • Travel management
  • Asset management
  • Financial accounting
  • Registry office
  • Human resources management
  • CRM
  • Managerial accounting
  • Project management

The main features are

  • Complete support; a large number of functions that cover all business processes
  • Efficient flexibility of existing modules
  • A large number of modules that cover a wide range of additional functionalities in the company
  • Ease of development of additional functionalities for specific user needs
  • Ease of business process management
  • Ease of use
  • Flexible, integrated work flow management
  • Data transparency
  • Direct access via the Internet
  • Integration with a large number of open architecture solutions
  • Provided development
  • Localized and aligned with local practice
  • Provided support by the local community
  • Multilingual and multicurrency functionality
  • Fast ROI compared to other business solutions


Business system is based on a three layer server-client architecture

  • Postgress Sql database server
  • Odoo application server
  • WEB server

Odoo is business information system for monitoring and management of business in small and medium-sized companies; for all companies that want a modern, high-quality, reliable and cost-effective tool for business process management. Operating system available via Internet and open architecture supports fast and easy upgrade of new functionalities to meet specific customer requirements with support in quick and easy migration. According to many market research Odoo system rates as the best business solution based on an open architecture.

Functionalities of some segments

    • Managing the sales process
      • Offer
      • Order
      • Fiscalization
      • Invocie
      • Refunds/Returnse
      • Approval
      • Advance payments in sales
      • Various sales price lists
      • Contractual discounts
      • Flexible payment terms
      • Currencies and exchange rates
      • Warnings
      • iOS
    • Various sales analysis, reporting, ...
    • Procurement process management
      • Request
      • Order
      • Input account
      • Refunds/Returns
      • Approval
      • Advance payment in procurement
      • Suppliers prices
      • Contractual discounts
      • Flexible payment terms
      • Currencies and exchange rates
      • iOS
    • Various procurement analysis, reporting, ...
    • Warehouse management
      • Processing of receives
      • Processing of shipping
      • Internal documents:
        • Items Issue
        • Expense
        • Internal receipt
        • Lack
        • Excess
        • Reverse
        • Exchange
      • Inter warehouse traffic
      • Inventory list of goods
    • Unlimited number of warehouses
    • The conversion of the unit of measurement
    • Packages
    • Automatic ordering
    • Analysis of inventories, reporting (turnover ratio)
    • Methods of consumption
    • Localized and aligned with local practice
    • Definition of posting scheme according to user needs
    • Monitoring of revenues and expenditures by cost placement
    • Support to schedule cost per key
    • Support for easy processing of recurring tasks/processing
    • Electronic payment system
    • Automatic items closing
    • Foreign currency and exchange rates
    • Automatic calculation and posting of realized foreign exchange gains
    • Automatic generation of all tax forms
    • Support for JOPPD form
    • Automatic generation of all statutory financial statements (PS-BIL, cash flow, ...)
    • A variety of advanced analysis and reviews
    • A number of operational reports
  5. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
    • Modern solution for monitoring customer relationships
    • Easy management of sales processes through a system of monitoring of all forms of communication with clients
    • Monitoring contacts via web, brochures and other sources
    • Collection of customer data (address, e-mail, settings, etc.) for online business directory
    • Assistance for better sales organization
    • Consolidation of all documents of a particular client or opportunity
    • Monitoring the "sales chain" - monthly reports – sales forecasts on the group level or individual
    • Performance monitoring on an individual level
  7. This segment covers a variety of needs:

    • Employment management
    • Human resources
    • Monitoring of working hours
    • Contract management
    • Records of the work presence
    • Records of leave and vacations

Details can be found on Odoo official website:

Business solutions

Document Management

Document Management

In modern business systems, as the most important value in business, critical production data and their availability is a crucial factor in the success of each business system. In this sense, the question of increasing volume and complexity of such data is becoming increasingly important. Content management (Enterprise Content Management - ECM) is becoming one of the key business processes. Content management consist of several different processes in which particular business system, one or more solutions for each process can be implemented:

  • Document Management
  • Web Content Management
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Compliance Index
  • Content Collaboration
  • Document Imaging
  • Electronic Discovery
  • Report Management
  • Message Archiving

Document management is an essential process in content management. Implementation of IT solutions for document management ensures the satisfaction of the general requirements: reducing the risk of document management, simplify administration, greater security and user management while ensuring a unified approach to a common repository of documents, providing a unified content management environment by using appropriate standards such as the Content Management Interoperability Service – CMIS. Improving the process of finding documents by implementing an automated meta data processes, automatic data classification with the expansion of search capabilities, advanced access control on repository of documents by means of authentication system, authorization and review of the approach, implementation of secure application solutions with the possibility of expansion according to user requirements and the ability to reuse data from documents at granular level.

By implementation of document management solutions, you can achieve more benefits and improvements in work and organization of each business system:

  • Reduce the need in storage space for storing documentation in paper form
  • Reduce the time needed to search documents while reducing the risk of noncompliance of documents with standards or legislation
  • Create the preconditions for document sharing and collaboration system within the business or wider, depending on the needs and requirements of single business process
  • Create and use a central repository of documents provided to increase the efficiency of business systems and create basic conditions for effective service delivery integration solutions
  • Document management with a solution for managing web content as an important part of business processes and the introduction and implementation of any form of e-business
  • Use the possibility in using the data from a central repository with different communication platforms
  • Provide a high degree of data availability throughout the lifecycle

Document management solutions and systems

STORM Computers provides its customers the optimum solution for document management, which can be implemented as an independent project or as part of a larger project or improvement of IT systems. Project implementation of document management system typically consists of several stages through which company implements appropriate hardware and software solution:

  • Analysis of current state of document management system
  • Critical analysis of the types of applications and the amount and types of documents
  • Analysis of business requirements process in terms of storage and use of documents
  • Defining the design decisions and hardware and software components
  • System installation, configuration and initial testing
  • Employees training, system monitoring in the initial stage of use and optimization
  • System maintenance to the required level of maintenance
Business solutions

Archiving and backup

One of the biggest potential danger for any system is the possibility of data loss. To eliminate this problem at a time, company offers solutions that enable continuous data availability and provide high performance in demanding work environments.

Secure data storage (backup) is the part of IT system that provides automatic transfer of data to backup storage media with a view to their return. Modern IT environments for these solutions perform numerous challenges such as rapid growth in data volume, the possibility of integration into complex systems for monitoring and management and the uniqueness of the solutions for all IT systems. In response to the challenges, STORM Computers offers an optimal integration of hardware and software solutions, which can be implemented as an independent project or as part of a larger project.

The proposed solutions provide:

  • More rapid process of storage and recovery and continuous data protection
  • Reducing the time for the backup
  • Reducing business risk and fast and safe recovery of data
  • Increase the potential for control and effectively manage stored data in the process of their storage on data storagmedia
  • Increase effectiveness of IT systems
  • Reduce the required amount of data storage
  • Reduce total IT costs

Implementation of appropriate hardware and software solutions for data backup consist of several phases:

  • Analysis of current situation
  • Analysis of the types of critical applications and data production quantities
  • Analysis requirements in terms of policy storage and recovery
  • Solution design and definition of hardware and software components
  • Installation, configuration and initial testing
  • Employees training, system monitoring in the initial stage of use and system optimization
  • System maintenance

Data storage systems are becoming a necessary and integral part of every IT system. STORM Computers, therefore, provides its customers solutions that deliver continuous accessibility and data availability and provide high performance in demanding work environments.

Business solutions

Monitoring and management

With expansion of technology and applications, many business organizations are faced with the problem of increasing number of systems in corporate networks, which lead to difficulties in access to services and communications. In parallel with these difficulties, there is increase in the need to invest additional financial resources, increase in time spent in supervision and management of network and overload of network administrators. With a view to expedite the process of network expansion and the simultaneous removal of difficulties in operation, Storm Computers offers a system for remote monitoring and management over IT infrastructure from a single, central place - Network Management System (NMS). NMS is a set of tools to collect, consolidate and store information from the network which are displayed in real-time to the user.

With such proactive monitoring system, it is easier to detect in real-time any problems in the system and provide response as soon as possible. In the case of system failure or failure in some of its components, it is possible and important to timely respond. The stored information enables reporting about the quality of the network and serves as an input calculations during planning of IT infrastructures or SLA agreements. Solutions that are offered by STORM Computers are based on the integration of HP BTO portfolio and Solarwinds Orion system. Also, despite the self-monitoring mechanisms, company offers the technical support to customers on the principle of 24x7, via the Internet, e-mail or phone.

Business solutions

Documents and fax

Solutions for electronic documents and fax solutions

Modern technology greatly effect on the way of business communication with domination of electronic mail and on-line business. However, the growing popularity of communication tools has not supplanted the use of fax, which is still an irreplaceable solution for situations that require a higher degree of security of sent documents or information. On the other hand, for the known types of fax machines it is difficult to cope with ever-faster business growth, in which the classic "manual" transmission (which includes a long process of submitting), printing a document on a printer has become superfluous.

In order to make business communication smoothly and with minimal cost, Storm Computers offers users with most advanced solutions for the distribution of electronic documents, like the fax solutions over the Internet. These solutions allow you to send and receive documents using Internet technology in an efficient, simple and low-cost way. Integration with existing business e-mail software on the way that it takes to send a fax directly through e-mail system and also, the reduction of possible errors in the work and time saving are just some of the additional benefits of distributing documents over the Internet.

Security solutions

Privacy and security

In the modern era, information and communication networks are exposed to increasing challenges in terms of safety and security of information and data from various kinds of logical threats from hackers, targeted industrial espionage and internal threats including employees who with involuntary or intentional actions lead to theft or destruction of information or access to confidential information.

This from the one hand, requires the establishment of reliable and high performance storage systems (archive) of information and its recovery from archived media in a fast and reliable way. So that this kind of system can allow the preservation of intellectual capital embodied in the company's business and technical information. On the other hand, the security of ICT systems must not pose an obstacle to productivity but must accelerate business processes and data availability.

Cisco Self Defending Network ("Auto Defense Network") is a unified system of network care who covers all security aspects of network environments; such as networking equipment, servers and applications. This approach to security solutions is the foundation for a network environment that can be "automatically" defended against attacks and security threats and includes key segments such as network access control, authentication of clients, VPN, intrusion detection and prevention and web filtering. This concept is based on sophisticated technology combined with advanced technologies and systems that are coordinated with main aim to maintain the operability of the entire system or take action if that functionality is compromised. The realization of this advanced care is based on specialized hardware firewalls, which beside only the firewall functions integrate into a self-facilities a VPN tunnels management, protected by advanced cryptographic methods.

In addition, firewalls or its modular architecture, provide flexibility in the implementation of additional functionality (preventing unauthorized intrusion, the filtering of email and web traffic...) where the respective functions are taken by specialized modules. These features are also found in specialized equipment like the IPS/IDS platforms or the modern generation of integrated services routers (ISR G2 family).

Protection systems provide:

  • Effective maintenance of the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information
  • Network reliability
  • Increase availability
  • Cost control

STORM Computers is a Cisco partner specialized in advanced implementation of security technologies and with actual implementation experience (Cisco Advanced Security).

Security solutions

Access Control

Network Access Control (Network Admission Control - NAC) is the system of security settings control for clients who have access to information - communication systems of the company.

NAC checks does the client meets predefined safety requirements before it gains approval for access to the network, regardless of whether it is an internal user or customer.

Security solutions


Effective implementation of security policy includes limiting access to the network for users with the right of access. Client authentication can be implemented using a static password, domain and tokens. Static password and username is the simplest method of identification of users and represents the lowest level of protection. Authentication across domains by using domain user names and passwords, represent the higher level of protection and it is limited to the domain customer.

One of the best ways of controlling access to the network is through token, where each access on the network generates a new password and enables the highest level of security protection.

Security solutions

Firewall and VPN

Last two or three decades firewalls have passed through evolutionary path from simple packet filters (which are actually a list of movements controlled by IP address or the type of application) to the recent highly sophisticated algorithms that recognize the context of particular applications that are capable to "conclude" if there is some illegal trade that represents an attempt to exploit weaknesses in the communication protocol (exploit). For many years there is a clearly defined need from companies and individuals that its presence in the networked global communication infrastructure need to be secured from malicious traffic.


Specific performance of firewall can only be application, a software solution that can be installed on practically any server platform or a specialized hardware solution. These devices are optimized, often with a significant part of the operations that are performed on chips (hardware accelerated) which are usually with superior performance, but more expensive solutions. The tendency of technological development have led that today every respectable firewall has integrated functionality of a VPN or functionality that allows the same device also terminate VPN (IPSEC mostly) tunnels. Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides secure access to company data from remote locations, using the public infrastructure; the Internet. VPN users can connect to a central database, share information and communicate with others, like they are being located within a local area network.

VPN solutions

VPN solutions are most often used to connect to a company branch or enabling workers on the field to access data within the company. Solution is not limited only to firewalls, it is applicable to the routing platform, also. This means that the user selects a set of functionality to the router and it can also include VPN functionality (in this sense and firewall functionality). Additionally, the firewall and VPN functionality can be implemented on server platforms, therefore, non-specialized platforms. STORM Computers has many years of experience in implementing firewalls and VPNs on Cisco platforms but as well as the server platforms where market segment includes the most demanding production environments and Internet service providers (ISPs).

Security solutions

Intrusion preventing

Solutions for detecting and preventing intrusions

Not honest fight in industrial competitiveness but also a growing range of technologies and protocols have led to rapid growth of industrial development in the production of various malicious solutions in order to compromise information entities, with the aim of identity theft, Firewall service (Denial of Service), enabling unauthorized access (Trojan horses, backdoor applications) or deletion and/or changing of information and data (viruses, worms,...). All these are examples of threats that can seriously and adversely affect the operations of the company's reputation, if they are not adequately controlled and managed. In this sense, a whole range of IDS/IPS (intrusion detection/intrusion prevention system) products are developed with the aim of detecting and preventing such unauthorized operations.

These systems exist as an independent specialized hardware platforms but they can be integrated into modules that are easily installed in the modular architecture of modern routers and firewalls. These systems work in real time and are able to analyze the internal and external threats to information systems. In addition to regular update of some specific attacks, these systems have the algorithms with the capacity that on behavior analysis protocols they can identify a certain pattern of traffic as malicious, even in these scenarios, they are able to initiate certain steps in terms of blocking this traffic without user intervention. Specialized highly sophisticated Cisco IPS/IDS platform are bases on which STORM Computers enables its customers appropriate control and management of such threats. Years of experience is reflected in Cisco specialization in the field of safety technology (Advanced Security) with proven experience in a demanding market segments, such as Internet service providers and enterprise segment.

Security solutions


Electronic mail has become the dominant form of everyday business communications. Due to the increasing demands for efficient access to data and increased number of received and sent messages, security threats have grown, such as various types of viruses, fraud, intellectual property theft, unsolicited email (spam). For most users the amount of illegitimate e-mail reaches 90% of mail, which requires continuous improvement of security solutions and expanding in security portfolio of electronic mail.

Cisco Ironport Email Security

IronPort email security appliances are highly scalable solutions for protection against security threats, providing applications to filter unwanted mail and viruses, to analyze the content of electronic mail and the application of security policies. Thanks to its modularity, the Cisco IronPort Email Security solutions can be fully adapted to each user.

ESET Smart Security

ESET Smart Security is a solution that provides proactive protection system against malicious applications. The main features of the system are:

  • Centralized management of NOD32 workstations and servers, while increasing the efficiency of antivirus protection and reducing the costs of security protection
  • Fast virus infiltration detection and removal of malicious threats, thanks to advanced tools for monitoring and reporting
  • Remote installation of NOD32 client antivirus systems enables fast antivirus protection
  • Generating the report provides an overview of systemic antiviral activity

Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG)

Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway allows safely and productively usage of the Internet, regardless of malicious threats. This solution provides continuous updates of all levels of care, which are integrated into a comprehensive interface for easy administration.

The main features of the system are:

  • Multiple URL filtering
  • Antimalware inspections
  • Prevention of unauthorized entry into a network
  • Firewall at the application and network layer
  • HTTP/HTTPS inspection
  • Comprehensive reporting
Security solutions

Web filtering

Evolution in the distribution of information via electronical way, recorded exponential growth in recent years. Web content from their Web 2.0 evolutionary step, provide a new paradigm of information exchange, as well as new technical and business risks. It's not easy just to classify web traffic whether it is legitimate or not, without the help of specialized algorithms and devices capable of analyzing the context of traffic and "understanding" the application protocol. In this sense, producers of devices and applications for the control of the most popular Internet protocols, are facing a difficult task - to provide communication without compromising the performance of the communication parties.

Whether you're using applications or software solutions up properly on the servers of general purpose or highly specialized modules or hardware platform (whose only goal is control of this protocol), it is a complex system whose effectiveness greatly depends on the skills of staff who set and maintain them.

Any such system is only as good as a good is a professional engineer who supervise and manage them. Malicious java scripts, buffer overflows on web servers identified in various operating systems, manipulation of stored passwords and cookies (identity theft), access to pornographic content or content that promote hatred and intolerance, the pages which are trying to get information about you from your browser without authorization, control types files that are removed from the individual pages, social networks and operations that are permitted within them, are examples of threats that modern products have and need to identify and limit or eliminate their destructiveness.

One of the competing options for addressing these threats are certainly a specialized service modules from the Cisco firewall family. In this way, beside the firewall of "general purpose", users can use skolovski module specialized for the analysis and prevention of unwanted web traffic with a wide range of options allowing for that particular user, or group of users, where and how to record suspicious transactions and to send alerts and draw attention on the risks. In addition, Storm Computers has the experience in open source software solutions that perform these tasks on the server (non-specialized) platforms. Such solutions, regardless of the type of implementation, provide centralized control over content and transactions within the web traffic and report on the details of these transactions, giving companies access to the profile of traffic and users that may be a risk factor, suggesting measures to reduce risks rising from those.

IT Infrastructure solutions


Selecting the right server provides a safe and stable operation and timely availability of data. Due to the growing need for maximum availability, server technology is improving daily.

There are three basic server performance:

  • Combined (tower) servers are solutions for all businesses, regardless of the number of employees and size. Its performance can easily adapt to your growing business needs and thanks to the flexibility they can be expanded by increasing the internal disk capacity. Although they are primarily located in a detached version, because of its extensibility it can be adapted for installation in 19" cabinets.
  • Servers for installation in 19" cabinets (racks) are ideal for use in data center, clusters and multi-server solution. This type of server provides high efficiency and manageability. Primarily intended for medium - sized and large companies, because a choice from single-processor to eight-processor multi-core server solutions can satisfy the highest demands of modern businesses
  • Blade (blade) servers are the most advanced technological solutions. Because the maximum utilization of processing power, a high degree of redundancy, manageability and control and savings in space and energy, blade servers can effectively adapt to the most demanding IT systems. Today, blade servers are an integral part of information and communication systems of small and medium - sized enterprises and large corporate data architecture

With selecting the appropriate server, it can significantly improve operations and ensure quick return of investment.

IT Infrastructure solutions


Today data storage systems occupy an important place in the ICT infrastructure of each company. Due to business development and improvement of internal and external communications, increasing amounts of data must be securely stored and readily available to system users. STORM Computers’ solutions for data storage are efficient and scalable, which makes easier to consolidate data and optimize file serving.

The main characteristics of this solution are:

  • Constant availability and data availability
  • Superb performance in the most demanding work environment
  • Easy expandability for future data growth
  • Use standard technologies
  • More efficient integration into existing and new systems

Storage Solutions - Disk Systems

It became necessary to implement the disk drive system of the user, who in their own IT infrastructure is using Rack or Blade servers. Disk systems are easy to manage and control, and represent a reliable solution with a variety of options of connections with servers.

Storage Solutions - Handling System

Human Errors, fluctuations in electrical power, computer viruses and technical failures can cause partial or complete loss of data, which are of crucial importance for the company. Therefore, proper and high quality in archiving data to tape (backup) is an important process that companies must integrate in the IT systems. Data storage devices for its construction were adapted to any business environment, regardless of company size or number of employees.

IT Infrastructure solutions

Data centers

Data Centers are the central of the IT infrastructure of each company.

The architecture of data centers include:

  • Network infrastructure
  • Servers
  • System storage
  • System applications
  • Monitoring and management system

In large corporate environments, due to growing demands for an increased flow of business information, data centers are largely based on virtualization. The highlight of today's virtualization data center technologies lies in implementing "cloud computing" technology (computing in the cloud) that converts all physical elements into virtual resources. Using cloud computing technology, the virtualized data centers provide easy management and accessibility of information, rapid return on investment and effectively upgrade to new components.

IT Infrastructure solutions


Very often we come across servers that a small portion of its time fully use all the resources. Nowadays, the optimization of all parts of the business is one of the key prerequisites for survival on the market. Because of that, greater number of information - communication systems have implemented a virtualization technology that allows optimal use of resources. In order to increase utilization of infrastructure, large companies implement virtualization technology by reducing the cost of procurement of new equipment, space rental for servers which also affect the reduction of electricity consumption.

Network virtualization

In a virtualized network environment, the underlying architecture is invisible to users and services because they are not associated with a specific device. Instead, services are accessed through the joint program or interface.

Virtualization of server

Hardware virtualization means - implementation of software that creates virtual machines (VM) that mimic the computer. Multiple virtual machines, means more than one operating system which works simultaneously on a single device. This leads to the consolidation of the number of devices and reduction of poorly utilized servers.

The advantages of server virtualization:

  • Consolidation of underutilized physical architecture
  • Workforce reduction, space savings
  • Agility host machine
  • Reduced costs of electricity consumption
  • Reduced maintenance costs and administration

Desktop Virtualization

Desktop virtualization allows you to reduce total cost of ownership, with the increase of flexibility and agility. Desktop virtualization offers a wide portfolio of solutions that offer a selection of technologies that meet their unique business needs.

The advantages of desktop virtualization:

  • Creating business solutions that meet the challenges of the business system
  • Possibility to upgrade the operating system

Cloud Computing

Application of Cloud Computing (Computing in the cloud) can be best described in the example of the use of office software. Using cloud computing technology, office programs are running in network browsers, which are reached by entering the address. Software support is located on a server in the "Internet cloud" and the "cloud" is actually a computer center.

Benefits of Cloud Computing:

  • Low cost software availability
  • The availability of software and data
  • Lower maintenance costs and lack of upgrade
  • The absence of acquisition costs of new equipment, licenses for server operating systems, databases, servers for electronic mail, installation, configuration and maintenance
  • Professional anti-virus protection
IT Infrastructure solutions


E-mail and collaboration

Today's daily operations are based on the use of soft and flexible ICT solutions. Because of the crucial impact of electronic mail in everyday collaboration, technology solutions try to simplify management. They try to help in protection of information and provide users with greater mobility in performing everyday tasks. Also, they provide in satisfying the unique needs of each organization.

Company STORM Computers offers a flexible and reliable integrated solutions for everyday communication within and outside the company, which provides the simplest and fastest information management in order to exchange business information.

Microsoft solutions

Microsoft Solutions for team collaboration and information management consist of a single communication platform that provides users access and sharing of documents, tasks, contacts and other business information. Microsoft solutions for business communication enable greater efficiency in teams and mobility and speed in responding to client requests.

Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Server is the base of Microsoft Unified Communications solution, which enables reduction of messaging cost from 50% to 80%, increase of productivity and protection of the daily operations. Provides flexibility and reliability of implementation in order to meet the unique needs of business and simplify the continuous availability of e-mail. Provides free and secure access to information (access anywhere), regardless of the communication platform, browser or device that users use. Ensure compliance and protection against loss of information in order to facilitate communication and compliance with prescribed safety requirements.

Skype for Business Server

Skype for Business Server is a new and intuitive way of combining different forms of business communications within a unified management infrastructure. It supports common call features such as answering, call forwarding, call waiting, call transfer and other options via a secure Internet connection without the need for VPN.

It combines the complete Unified Communications feature set:

  • Exchanging messages in real time and presence (presence)
  • Peer-to-peer VoIP and video
  • Audio, video and Web conferencing
  • Telephony and PSTN connectivity
  • Connection with other people via Skype network
  • Clients available on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Internet browsers

Full control over the system:

  • Increased safety of communications with built-in encryption and authentication via Active Directory
  • Scalable solution through additional servers, groups of servers and data centers
  • More different architecture to meet your needs for business continuity and conditions for disaster recovery


  • Possibility of direct SIP connection with the PBX systems or via gateway
  • Includes interoperability with older video-conference system
  • Greater control of networks using SDN support, call admission control and QoS

Microsoft SharePoint Server

SharePoint Server allows sharing of information and documents and the work of multiple users at the same time.

Key features of the SharePoint Server solutions:

  • The work of multiple users on the same document
  • The organization documents (folders, subfolders)
  • Define access levels for users
  • Automatically save versions of documents
  • Quickly and efficiently search the entire site
  • Unlimited access from any location with Internet connectivity
  • Business Intelligence
IT Infrastructure solutions

Client systems

The growing needs of users for access to business and private information effect on the continuous development and improvement of technology. Personal computers are an integral part of the IT system and are directly linked to the final user which requires high reliability, flexibility, mobility and security of devices. As the number of personal computers in a client system can turn a few thousand, it is important to select appropriate models that allow management of remote access and provide safety of information. There are several types of personal computers, each of which offers certain advantages to costumers.

Given the above, we can talk about:

  • Desktop personal computers
  • Portable personal computers
  • Workstations
  • Thin clients
  • Tablet PCs

All models as well as their technical characteristics and additional options (extended warranties, additional hardware options), can be seen at Hewlett Packard web page. Storm Computers is authorized HP Silver service partner.

IT Infrastructure solutions

Print management

Print management and print management solutions

Print Management in daily business embraces the concept of active management of printing architecture, by the need of reducing costs and strengthening the awareness of environmental protection. Very often users are unaware of the costs which printing devices represent. High quality, flexible and high-function print management solutions must include authentication and authorization of the customer, monitoring output, monitoring and allocation of costs, the introduction of rules of printing, duplex printing, routing devices, reporting, and support for different environments. Company STORM Computers offers print management solutions. Products and services of company Hewlett-Packard (HP) are complete solutions for business and private use with implemented ePrint technology that allows printing from any device at a location that supports the ePrint technology.

Printers by their capabilities, printing technology and the needs of users, cam be divided on:

  • Printers for home
  • Printers for companies
  • Printers for corporations

All models as well as their technical characteristics and additional options (extended warranties, additional hardware options) can be seen on the website of Hewlett Packard-a where Storm Computers is the authorized HP Silver service partner.

Network and Communication solutions

Core network

Today, core networks represent the backbone of any network infrastructure, which in today's global business environment combine internal and external forms of communication. Outages, unavailability of information, failures in the management of resources are just some of the reasons that lead to a decrease in productivity, which require careful strategic planning of network business.

Changed business conditions, based on the implementation of new collaborative platforms, dictate the direction of development of more complex and demanding communication networks. Quickly routing of information to the final devices, the presence of video and VoIP technologies, efficient data management, sound, image and video content and enhancement of business applications are essential requirements which the core network must fulfill. These business trends have led to the development of Cisco service - oriented network architecture that provides the greatest degree of utilization of the network infrastructure, scalability, rapid return on investment and simplicity in system maintenance.

Network and Communication solutions

Unified communications

UC) became one of the solutions that the company can leverage to reduce costs and simultaneously maximize profit. Unified communications indicate the integration of IP telephony systems, conference systems, mobility, voice mail, contact centers and mobility applications and applications for WEB conferencing into a single communication unit. This integrated system enables easy, timely and reliable communication in real time and accelerates all business processes.

IP telephony

Cisco IP Communications consist of processing applications for voice traffic and IP endpoints. It is a system for voice communication within the "Cisco Unified Communications" portfolio. The backbone of the system is a "Cisco Unified Communication Manager" (CUCM), which emerge as the ideal solution to replace the old analog PBX system. The system is characterized on orientation toward service and scalability, aimed at reducing costs and simpler communication.

The biggest advantage in the implementation of Cisco Unified Communication Manager are scalability, reduction of IT complexity, easy operation and maintenance. The system is suitable for companies of 50 to 20.000 users and with more remote locations. According to the principle of "Pay as you grow" users can easily expand the number of users using the same communication platform. CUCM supports integration with applications (Outlook, Lotus Notes...) and "Soft" clients which enables communication via a PC when employees are out of office. CUCM is ideal for rapidly growing companies with remote locations and with the need in a flexible infrastructure which can monitor the demands of its customers and business. To reduce response time and increase productivity of clients, CUCM provides a "Mobility" and "Presence" solutions that enable users to increase productivity.

  • "Cisco Unified Mobility" is an integrated solution within the CUCM application that allows one access number for desktop IP phone, mobile phone, "soft" client
  • "Cisco Unified Presence" is a tool that allows insight into the availability of the client, setting up voice and video calls, send e-mails and instant messages. It is proved to be a remarkable tool for contact centers in finding appropriate experts for solving the problems

For seamless communication it is required to use IP phones which can keep pace with increasingly demanding customers and increasingly sophisticated functions of CUCM. Cisco IP phones are divided into four series with the aim of better ratio of investment. Depending on the model, IP phones provide the full range of options of exchange of information and communication, supporting various applications, and beside the voice calls they provide video calls, also. Cisco Cius represent a top offer in IP phones category that follows the current trend of "office virtualization." It contains the IP phone features, HD video and telepresence devices and tablets with an emphasis on the mobility of users.

Cisco Unified Contact Center

This solution relies on the CUCM system and provides a simple, reliable and scalable solution suitable for all types of contact centers. Cisco Unified Contact Center supports all critical functional areas by today's standards, including the possibility of routing calls according to priorities and categories in order to meet the business needs of clients, e-mail management, call recording, quality management, integration with business systems and CRM, IVR, reporting and monitoring functions.

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center

WebEx Meeting Center enables interactive sharing of documents and audio and video files in real time with all on-line participants regardless of where they are. Using advanced communications technology, with video and audio high quality, WebEx system through the various possibilities of personal preferences, allows a high degree of productivity. To make the system more accessible to its users, WebEx is, besides the PC, also available on other platforms such as Cisco Cius, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, which greatly contributes to the philosophy of "Unified Communications user mobility".

It is suitable for all companies that are in need for frequent meetings of employees on remote locations. WebEx is a perfect example of the use for medium-sized retail chains for the submission of business reports; in the medicine it can contribute to easier and faster communication and consultation between doctors; in the architectural and manufacturing process it provides the ability to change projects on the spot.

The foundation of unified communications are IP networks that support IP telephony and data, images, audio and other media exchange. Company STORM Computers ensures optimal use of network capacity during the fast and reliable transmission of information with minimal distortion. Transfer of pictures and sound in real time over the IP network reduces the cost of maintaining such systems, as well as investments in any parallel system (total cost of ownership).

Network and Communication solutions

Wireless networks

Shortened implementation time of communication systems, the unavailability of wire or optical infrastructure and reduction in costs, effect with the strong growth and development of wireless technology which became one of the basic subsystems of modern information and communication architecture. The implementation of wireless access increases the mobility and productivity of employees while maintaining the integration and maintenance costs to a minimum level.

Compared to wire and optical architecture, the benefits of wireless networks are:

  • The coverage of area which does not have a wired infrastructure
  • Scalability and robustness of the system
  • An advanced cryptographic protocols
  • Integration with wire mesh
  • Centralized management of access points (Access points)
  • Foreign routing network access points (Outdoor Wireless Mesh)
  • Accurate identification of people and equipment on the layout (RFID)

Wireless networks based on 802.11 a/g/n standard (corporate or Hot-Spot WLAN) allows users a simple, cost-optimal and secure network access, services and business applications.

STORM Computers solutions are based on the CAPWAP (Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points) technology, with emphasis on the possibility of implementation and advanced services such as the transmission of video content in a real-time, physical locating of network users, mobile asset tracking and control of producing procedures and processes.

STORM Computers is recognized authorized provider of the Cisco Systems technology, where the most significant is the wireless network based on the "Mesh" technology.

Network and Communication solutions

Video conferencing

Application of videoconferencing systems provides users with audio-visual communication between remote locations in real time with increased productivity and with faster decision making, effective teamwork and greater development of communication and presentation skills. Now, as an integral part of the "Unified Communications" architecture, video conferencing is experiencing a great expansion.

Cisco TelePresence System is a reliable, highly available and scalable solution, which aims at the highest level of user experience and allows you to connect face-to-face with customers, partners and associates, with increased productivity through more interaction and less travel. In our solution portfolio we offer the most complete infrastructure: integrated communications architecture, unified communications and interoperability between Cisco and "third-party" video products and technologies for collaboration.

Key components of Cisco TelePresence infrastructure includes:

  • Comprehensive software for integrated planning and reporting, which includes the tools for measure return on investment (ROI)
  • High-performance switching for large, scalable and multi-point meetings with robust transcoding technology
  • Interoperability with almost all video-technologies and on-demand media services such as recording, streaming, transcoding and translation
  • Control your conference: tools for control through a comprehensive set of signaling and call control

As most essential characteristics of the system, Cisco stands the quality of user experience so TelePresence system innovative portfolio includes:

  • Realistic: Cisco TelePresence rooms for the best communication quality for face-to-face collaboration
  • Multipurpose: Cisco TelePresence solution for the widest range of multi-purpose rooms and collaborative spaces
  • Personal: Depending on your needs, products is suitable for small offices, employees who work from home or workers on the field (outside company)
  • Integration: Cisco TelePresence allows customization of business applications

With a series of conditional uses, including meeting rooms, high-definition video recording and broadcasting, the experience of clients and professional services (such as health), Cisco TelePresence portfolio increases interaction, communication and collaboration to a new level. Creating additional value for customers, videoconferencing becomes more widespread in the business of midsize and large companies, often used in the state administration, health and educational systems. Videoconferencing solutions provide customers with the scalability and a wide range of applications while the simplicity of use effects on increasing the productivity providing greater focus on the common goal.

Network and Communication solutions


Multimedia Solutions are solutions which enable a high-use of existing resources of network infrastructure to enable users interactive communication, regardless on physical obstacles. In addition to the implementation of videoconferencing systems, company allows customers and business partners, implementation of centralized video management - Digital Media System (DMS). DMS is a comprehensive and flexible solution for centralized control over the distribution of video content, which allows users to easily create, manage and publish high-quality video content. DMS system is designed for users with the need in active supervision of video content delivery, which is distributed to remote locations (both inside and outside the company)

DMS consists of:

  • Cisco Digital Media Encoders (DMEs) - used to capture and digitize media from a variety of devices in various digital formats for live broadcasting or on-demand over IP network
  • Cisco Digital Media Manager (DMM) - web based application for centralized management of content
  • Cisco Digital Media Players (DMPS) - devices that are used to distribute video content on the media. Depending on model and customer needs, they have the ability to support formats for high and standard resolution

DMS system allows you to:

  • Training of employees, customers and partners while saving money for travel expenses
  • Growth opportunities that came with the product promotion and advertising opportunities
  • Communication via video, which is now safe and easy to browse and share, making it easily accessible, scalable and cost-effective form of communication
  • Delivery of information through video and digital media among organizations which increases productivity, accelerates time of response on market, enabling faster decision making and promotes the exchange of expertise

Among the first banks, insurance companies and retail chains had recognized the value of scalable solutions. Application of RFID technology provided them with timely planning and placement of targeted activities, depending on the customer profile.

Network and Communication solutions


NOC solutions for remote monitoring

Automated control and monitoring over information and communication system is a very important requirement whose importance increases proportionally with the increase in the number of devices and business services that these devices are processing.

In this sense, NOC (Network Operating Center) is the ideal solution for central and efficient management over business systems. Monitoring the availability of equipment and timely intervention in case of accident, failure or degradation of functionality, will significantly define the ultimate level of availability of services, which is a parameter often defined in various agreements with clients (Service Level Agreement).

NOC system of company STORM Computers is a set of tools for monitoring and management over customer’s IT infrastructure and the central function in controlling the availability of the system and its services. But besides these functions, NOC also provides information which contributes to proactive service management based on trend analysis of various parameters (occupancy of the relevant resource unit).

An integral part of the NOC system:

  • Receiving, distribution and control of incident
  • Problem solving process management (Service Desk system), the user friendly designed interface which enables setting up of technical queries, problem reporting and status tracking

Customers have the option of negotiating a permanent control over the IT infrastructure, such as network equipment, server infrastructure and application solutions in the regime of 24/7. An integral part of the solution is monthly reporting on the quality of network components, for more easily identification and planning for further development.

With system configuration and implementation, as one of the central components of IT service management, company realized the requirements of international standard ISO 20000 which defines the criteria necessary for ensuring the quality of IT service management, which provides customers a guarantee on their technical and organizational competence.

Network and Communication solutions


Constant acceleration of business processes imposed the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology as an inevitable factor of modern IT infrastructure.

In STORM Computers portfolio of products and services especially highlighted are RFID solutions of the company Aeroscout (active Wi-Fi tags, tracking, locating, controlling of physical access or passage through the offices, integration of the telephone infrastructure) and solutions based on the impulse location system, technology of the company Time Domain, which allows the controlling of physical movement in open spaces.